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Jan Zeit

Managing Director, CEO


As Managing director and CEO of The Zeitgroup Companies, Jan brings years of directing ambulatory surgery centers, developing quality teams and leadership to the ZGC. She has spent over 15 years in the ambulatory field of medicine working with new centers and physicians, successfully pivoting companies under ever changing regulations. With this experience Jan knows that there is one key factor for success: respect for your team. She brings value to organizations and the individuals that they are comprised of while expecting no less than two-way communication.


Jonathan Zeit


Jon is a distinguished business development and technology development professional. He has developed two very specific talents in business: being able to translate and develop visions and communications between finance and technology, and world class networking. Jon also has over ten years of experience in the entertainment industry. His experience includes: recording, producing, and touring in the USA and abroad. 

He prides himself on building lasting relationships and bringing actual value to projects he is involved in.

John Zeit


As a Registered Architect John's goal is to give every client a transformable product.  With a wide range of experience in Commercial and Residential architecture, he is able to provide an individualized experience for each and every customer.  John has a Master’s in Legal Studies that has provided valuable information in a multitude of areas that compliment his practice.  John was also a Professor at Stark State College and designed and held independant teaching programs to the Akron Urban League and the Building Exchange.